Fous4x2 DVD Training Course

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Курс внутридневной торговли известного пеннистакера Cameron Fous

Advanced Day Trading Strategies for the Active Trader.
"Ever since the 08' Crash. The market hasn't been the same. I needed to be faster, Smarter, and wiser. I
had to Adapt to the volatility. Perfecting Day Trading Strategies has been key to my continued success"
What You Learn - 7.5 hours

    How To Day Trade Penny Stocks and Small Cap Stocks Under $10
    How to Create Daily Watch Lists Of Which are Key to Prepping for success.
    Learn to Combine Day Trading Patterns into the FOUS4 Swing Strategy
    How To Make $1,000's in the first couple hours of the Session and be Done!
    Real Trade Examples Showing how I Banked on FOUS4x2 Patterns!
    :earn jhow to trade stocks, how to day trade and give you access to hot day

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